Whole Lobster (Cooked)

Whole Lobster (Cooked)

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Good value whole lobsters, cooked and ready to eat! Canadian lobsters tend to be compact and you'll need 1 portion per serving. Being smaller, they're also a good bit cheaper than most alternatives making them ideal for Fruit De Mer or Surf & Turf.


We also supply Lobster Tails, click here for more details.


Where Canadian lobster is not in season or unavailable an alternative quality lobster will be supplied.

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    CONTAINS:  Cooked Lobster (Crustacean)


    ORIGIN:  Canada  (FA021)


    INDIVIDUAL WEIGHT:  500g – 550g approx



    WEIGHT:  2 portions = 1Kg – 1.1kg

    WEIGHT:  4 portions = 2Kg – 2.2kg

    NOTE:  Portions may vary according to the size of the shellfish caught on the day. Therefore the weight of your fish will be within + or - 10% of the ordered weights listed above.


    STORAGE: Store below -18*c


    NOTE: Do not refreeze after thawing


    Thaw for a minimum of 40 minutes before serving.


    PAN FRY:  Once fully defrosted its best to halve your lobster by cutting down the centre of the body. Then slowly pan fry in a source of your liking at a low heat whilst occasionally ladling the source over the lobster meat -10 - 15mins


    OVEN#1:  Halve your lobster by cutting down the centre of the body, then place in the oven at a low or medium heat (preheat the oven). Add your favourite herbs if you wish and brush with melted butter (or garlic butter) to avoid it drying out - 15 - 20mins


    OVEN#2:  Crack open the shell and take all the meat out and oven cook it in a source of your liking. Be sure to use a casserole dish with a cover (or cover the dish with foil) to avoid it drying out 20 - 30mins


    NOTE:  If heating your lobster via the oven please check halfway through the cooking time and adjust accordingly.


    We can confirm delivery to your door within 24 - 48 hours of your order.


    Deliveries to England, Scotland & Wales are made via a parcel courier service or by one of our Designated Delivery Van Drivers (available in London, Surrey, Sussex & Kent)


    For full delivery terms please click here

NOTE: The photographs shown on this page are of the product once defrosted or cooked. Upon delivery all products come individually frozen and may vary slightly in appearance.

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