Venison Steaks

Venison Steaks

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Our venison is locally sourced from British game parks where they run wild and free. They have the perfect lifestyle with a grass fed diet which leads to a delicious flavour that impacts on the lean meat they produce. Where necessary all our steaks are hand trimmed and vacuum packed immediately to lock in the flavour.


This grass-fed, free-range lifestyle gives us flavoursome & tender steaks that are quick and easy to cook. Unlike beef, venison is lower in fat and calories but higher in iron and vitamin B.


It contains very little marbling so before cooking use an oil based marinade to retain its moisture. All our venison steaks come boneless so you get to enjoy the uninterrupted meaty texture of this amazing steak


    CONTAINS:  Venison/Dear (Raw MEAT)


    ORIGIN:  Yorkshire or Devon (Britain)



    MEDIUM: 5 portions = 1kg - 1.1kg

    LARGE: 10 portions = 2kg - 2.2kg

    NB: Weight may vary according to the size of the steaks cut on the day. Therefore the weight may be within + or - 10% of the ordered weights listed above. 


    INDIVIDUAL WEIGHT:  Approx 200 - 210g


    STORAGE:  Store bel