Natural Smoked Haddock  at Chef Nemo

Natural Smoked Haddocks

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Natural smoked Haddock: With a fresh, flaky white texture and a slightly sweet flavour to it. Ideal for poaching in milk, fish pie, Chowder and perfect for popular breakfast dishes such as Kedgeree.


Our Natural Smoked Haddock is free of food colouring, dye, antibiotics & GMO unlike most supermarkets. They have been smoked over oak chips from barrels and the entire process from fishing to smoking is natural which means your haddock will take on the beautiful smokey colour of the oak chips. Each smoking process is unique but the results always lead to delicious Natural Smoked Haddock.


Read the cooking instructions on our website for more details.


    CONTAINS:  Larege Smoked Haddock Fillets (Smoked Fish fillets)
    ORIGIN:  Iceland