Faroe Island Salmon Fillets at Chef Nemo

Salmon Fillets (Faroe Islands)

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With its rich and distinctive flavour our North Atlantic Salmon fillets (raised in the Faroe Islands) are always a tasty family favourite. These centre cuts of skinless & boneless fillets are firm, oily and flesh making it one of the most versatile fish to cook and eat.


Faroe Islands Salmon is one of the top premier salmons in the world which means it is Sushi/Sashimi grade and each fillet comes individually vacuum packed for your convenience.


    CONTAINS:  Salmon (Raw fish fillets)

    ORIGIN:  Faroe Islands (North Atlantic Sea)



    MEDIUM: 5 portions = 800g - 900g

    LARGE: 10 portions = 1.6kg - 1.8kg

    NB: Weight may vary according to the size of the fish caught on the day. Therefore the weight of your fish will be within + or - 10% of the ordered weights listed above. Were necessary an additional portion