At Chef Nemo Ltd we work hard to source the best quality products available, which are hand packed before being delivered to your home.  

Our customer base is constantly expanding and we currently deliver within England, Wales and Scotland (including just north of Edinburgh) which is our current Delivery Zone. We can confirm delivery within 24 - 48 hours of your order. If we are unable to deliver within that time you will be contacted immediately to confirm a delivery time that suits you.


At present, we do not deliver to Ireland, Scottish Highlands, Isle Of Man, Isles of Scilly, Isle of Wight and North of Falkirk as we can't guarantee delivery within the 24 - 48 hour deadline.  We also refrain from  delivering to overseas destinations as refrigerated transport is required. 


We do however, take orders from all over the world for deliveries in the UK (via our Delivery Zone) for friends and family, so please call us for details on 01322-611 835, or order online and leave an "additional note" at the point of payment/checkout.

You can also place advance orders but please allow us 48 hours notice to give us time to source and prepare your order for despatch on your given date


Our Parcel Delivery Service is rolled our to all customers in England, Wales and Scotland (including just north of Edinburgh) which means the order will arrive at your home between 8am 2pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, but please note...

  • All orders placed by 1pm Monday – Thursday, will be sent out on the same day.

  • All orders placed after 1pm Monday – Wednesday will be sent out the next working day.

  • All orders placed after 1pm Thursday and on  a Friday will be sent out on a Monday, as we cannot provide a weekend parcel delivery. 

  • All orders placed on a weekend or during a bank holiday will be sent out on the next working day.

There is no need to be home for a Next Day Parcel Delivery Service. If you are at work or need to pop-out we will leave your parcel in a safe place, like a bin cupboard, porch or with a neighbour.

Chef Nemo Parcel Delivery


Our Van Delivery Service relates to customers in London, Surrey, Sussex & Kent only.

  • For van deliveries a designated delivery driver will contact you to confirm your order and a convenient time for delivery.

  • We ask that someone be available at the place of delivery to accept, sign for & store the frozen goods appropriately.

  • Orders placed by 1pm Monday – Friday, can be delivered within 24 hours upon request.

  • Orders placed on a weekend or during a bank holiday can be delivered within 24 hours of the next working day.

Van deliveries will be made on Monday to Friday, 10am - 7pm, or Saturday, 10am - 3pm. Your designated delivery driver will confirm a convenient delivery time with you.  If a customer fails to take a van delivery on the agreed delivery date this may attract a handling charge of £9.95 which is discretionary and depends upon the customers circumstances.

Chef Nemo Vans.jpg

We cannot guarantee delivery times but we will keep you advised of any delays where possible and will try our best to meet all requests.  Read How-it-Works for easy steps on how to order.

Free delivery on all orders over £100 which related to more then 92% of last years deliveries.  Orders between £50 to £100 attract a small delivery charge of £9.95, so why not become a member by signing up to claim a voucher, just click this link.

All products are delivered Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) and are kept so via Dry Ice which is an increasingly popular service. Please see below for more information on parcel delivery service packing and how your food arrives frozen.

Great care is taken with our packaging to ensure your products are kept at the optimum temperature, and we add dry ice to the packaging to keep your products at their optimum.

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO²) which exists at -78.6°C. It is odourless, tasteless, colourless, and stops bacteria from producing due to its low temperature. Dry ice turns from its solid state to CO² gas leaving no residue and remains dry keeping your products freshly frozen and safe.

If your parcel still contains dry ice at the point of delivery please take care not to remain in close contact with your skin for any length of time. Due to the fact it exists at -78.6°C it could sting you therefore please keep away from children and dispose of responsibly e.g. over an outside drain.