Is freshly frozen fish inferior to fresh wet fish?

We only buy-in quality fish which has been Individually Quick Frozen (aka IQF or Air Blast Frozen) within 4 hours on the boat. Frozen fish needs to be protected from the cold air surrounding it which causes crystallisation that harms the seafood's muscle structure, leaving you with mushy fish once defrosted. To prevent harming the seafood's muscle structure, freshly frozen fish should be vacuum-packed before freezing or glazed after freezing. Because of this process we can guarantee the quality of our fish. Fresh wet fish on the other hand is not a guarantee of quality as wet fish deteriorates very quickly and by the time it has made its way from the harbour, to the shop and finally to your fridge, it has lost much of its nutritional value. The entire process is inferior which evidently leads to an inferior product. Not all fish is of equal quality when landed at the harbour. It is common practice for frozen fish traders to buy in the less expensive/ inferior fish, thus traditionally leaving the more expensive/ quality fish for the fresh wet fish trade; we do not do this.

Can I freeze my fresh wet fish and get good results?

If you buy fresh wet fish to freeze yourself you are unlikely to get a good result as you will not be able to freeze fish quickly enough in your home freezer. The longer the freezing process the larger the ice crystals form in the fish, these crystals harm the muscle structure turning the fish mushy when you defrost it and as a result leads to a disappointing eating experience. See “ Is freshly frozen fish inferior to fresh wet fish?” for more details Freezing fish is a specialist process and needs to be completed very quickly - ideally within minutes.

Do you sell fresh wet fish?

Our freshly frozen fish will give you the same eating experience as if you bought wet fish from the harbour and eaten it on the day. This is due to the fact our fish is of the highest quality and Individually Quick Frozen within 4 hours of catching which allows us to guarantee our product. Wet fish can not be given the same guarantee therefore we do not sell fresh wet fish. Freshly frozen fish is extremely convenient and unlike fresh wet fish it does not need to be consumed immediately. It is inaccurate for people to believe that in 2020 freshly frozen fish is inferior to fresh wet fish given the advancement of IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) fish.

What are the benifits of buying online with you?

You do not have to become a member or enter into a formal contract with us, simply go online and shop.

  • We do not charge for delivery requests over £50.
  • Our fish & other foods are guaranteed for its quality, or your money back.
  • Every month we have special offers.
  • We send online loyalty vouchers/discounts every couple of months
  • We are customer focused so you will always get a fast and friendly service

What do you do differently from the supermarkets & the average fishmonger?

All fish is freshly frozen within 4 hours of catching on the boat using a process called IQF (Individually Quick Frozen). As the name suggests each portion of fish is individually frozen within minutes for your convenience and does not stick together. Very few supermarkets provide this convenience and quality. It is common knowledge that once fish has been defrosted it should not be left out for long before cooking, even if kept on ice. The majority of Supermarket Wet Fish Counters sell defrosted fish as if it was freshly caught, giving you the impression the fish you are buying is of the highest quality when it is not.

Why is oily fish good for me?

Oily fish are a rich sources of Omega 3 fatty acids, which help prevent heart disease. These fatty acids are important for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding because they help a baby's nervous system to develop. Oily fish also benefits the over 50's due to the fact Omega 3 is a good natural source of vitamins A & D. VITAMIN A: Has several important functions, keeping your body's natural defence against illness and infection (the immune system) working properly. Helping skin and the lining of some parts of the body, such as the nose, healthy. VITAMIN D: Between October and early March we don't get enough vitamin D from sunlight therefore oily fish is a great alternative source to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.

This is a list of oily fish we keep in stock (click name to view product)...

Where does your fish come from?

Fish is a global industry and for us to provide our customers with variety we source a small percentage of our products from abroad, but the majority of fish comes from the UK. To learn a more about Chef Nemo and our company's mission please take two minutes to read our About Us page

Is your fish sustainably caught?

Fishing and fish-farming raise significant environmental issues which challenge fish mongers & retailers. Within the bounds of a commercial environment we do our utmost to morally do what is correct for our customers & maintain social justice. For these reasons we do not sell certain kinds of fish such as, bluefin tuna, shark & other possible endangered fish for the purpose of sustainability. We do not source our freshly frozen fish from trawlers as they have a reputation for damaging the seabed and local species.

Is cod still unsustainable?

The simple answer to that is no. After the North Sea cod fishery almost came close to collapse, a cod recovery plan was introduced, which reduced the number of days boats were allowed to fish to reduce annual catches. Cod stocks have now recovered from 44,000 tonnes in 2006 to 167,711 tonnes in 2017 - this is the highest it has been since 1982. North Sea cod has now been certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, allowing the cod we sell to be certified as sustainable and fully traceable. Here are some of the Marine Stewardship Council certified fish we stock...

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to send your questions via our Contact Us page or call 01322 611 835.

Do I have to wait for you to be in my area?

No! Unlike other gourmet fish & food delivery services we can guarantee delivery within 24 - 48 hours, that said some specialist products may take a little longer but we'll let you know immediately. So whether you are already a customer or not don't wait hoping we'll call around soon just give us a call, send us a text or order online. It's quick and simple. For more delivery information click here

Can I store your fish in my freezer?

Yes, our fish is frozen at source within 4 hours of catch then delivered to you. All you need to do is put it straight into your freezer. Note: All our fish is either vacuum packed or prepared in an ice glaze which means no or minimal fishy smells in your freezer.