Our passion for gourmet quality frozen fish, shellfish & seafood has ensured that we select the finest suppliers and the finest ingredients to provide exquisite dishes for all occasions. We frequently source local products and specialise in sourcing sustainably caught fish, shellfish & seafood as well as British meats & poultry.

Our confidence in the outstanding quality of the products we supply is backed up by a money back guarantee. It can only be a case of win-win so don't hesitate, order today!


Our mission is to supply a wide variety of sustainably sourced gourmet quality frozen fish, shellfish & seafood that has been prepared within 4 hours of catch.  All seafood must be Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) within that period which allows Chef Nemo to guarantee the freshness & quality of the seafood supplied to our customers.

All our fish has been filleted for your convenience (bar a small selection of whole fish such as Rainbow Trout, Sardines, Whitebait, etc.) and will be delivered as Individually Quick Frozen. The International Food Information Council views IQF frozen produce as virtually identical to its wet fresh counterpart in terms of nutritional value & taste - The majority of Supermarket Wet Fish Counters sell defrosted fish as if it was freshly caught, giving you the impression the fish you are buying is of the highest quality when it is not.


We’re 100% committed to providing professionally frozen fish to our customers. This is known as Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) or Air Blast Frozen which is the best way to preserve fish – better then putting it on ice or in your home freezer as the longer the freezing process the larger the ice crystals form in the fish.  When you freeze fish slowly this causes crystallisation which harms the muscle structure turning the fish mushy when you defrost it and as a result leads to a disappointing eating experience.

Eating our freshly frozen fish is the closest you'll come to buying fresh fish at the port to eat on the day. Ultimately we believe that professionally frozen seafood is superior as long as the fish being professionally frozen is of the highest quality.

Delivery of professionally frozen fish can be expensive but we have a sophisticated & fast delivery system that includes both van & parcel packaging that delivers your seafood still frozen – This is better then you buying fresh fish and freezing it slowly in your home freezer; especially poor quality fish from local and supermarkets.